Things to avoid and consume during Suhoor and Iftar

Things to avoid and consume during Suhoor and Ramadan

Ramadan is the month with countless blessings bestowed by Allah, this month gives the real practice of self control and also trains to become a better human being spiritually, emotionally and physically. Muslims are plan for the best Suhoor and Iftar for themselves. Suhoor is a little mealtime before daytime and Ifatr is the time for break the fast during Ramadan. Both are very important and vital in the month of Ramadan. You should take extra care for your diet plan in this month. For you guideline and help here are some very important things to avoid and consume during Suhoor and Iftar, which help you to maintain your Ramadan Diet plan and also give help for your health.

Things to avoid in Suhoor:

Fatty and fried foods.
Food items that containing excess sugar.
Avoid over-eating.
Too much tea and coffee
Smoking cigarettes.

Things to consume in Suhoor:

Complex carbohydrates.
Some excellent source of proteins.
Dates (best source of carbohydrates, potassium and magnesium).
Bananas (bananas are the good source of potassium, carbohydrates and magnesium).
Almonds, rich in fiber and protein with low fat.
Drinks sufficient of water.
Fruit juices.

Things to avoid in Iftar:

Avoid fried foods.
Avoid soups with creams because they will make you gain weight.
Avoid salted nuts.
Avoid food that contains soya sauce.
Avoid spicy food because it causes the stomach problems.

Things to consume in Iftar:

Start with Dates.
Add whole-wheat in your Meal.
Sufficient water.
Mix fruits and vegetables.
A glass of Milk & Honey
Eggs (avoid egg yolk and include white in your meal).
Try to use Cooking Olive Oil.

In the last but not the least Ramadan is a beautiful month to boost your Iman, in this Holy month you are starting your day on the right way to Allah and at the end of the day you are again on the right way to Allah. It is one of the most best and effective ways to wash our all sins because in this month Allah shower his blessings as more as you wish. So in this blessing month you should try to make life on the right path of Islam and follow the teachings of Islam. This will be the best for your final destination.

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