Ramadan Diet and Fitness Plan 2016

Ramadan is blessed month of the year, in this month Muslims having fast,through fasting you can manage and learn eating habits and you also can improve self-discipline. This month is a best opportunity to focus on bringing back healthy lifestyle.A loads of people get involved with what they will cook or prepare for iftar and suhoor during the whole month. Ramadan is about discipline, disciplining your every day with your fasting. 

Ramadan Diet and Fitness Plan 2016 for your health 

It’s a perfect time to train your body while having fast. Most of us workout in Ramadan for different purposes, staying fit, losing weight, losing body fat, whatever the reason you have, just remember the ultimate goal of the month of Ramadan and make it the most precious days.Ramadan Diet and fitness plan provide you the way to spend this precious month with its real goal. Eating well and exercise is a good for your Ramadan schedule but to be careful don’t obsess over it. Here are some important things are defines for you Ramadan Diet and Fitness Plan to make it more beneficial for you.

The Pre-Dawn Meal-Suhoor:

Suhoor is very important part for fasting you should add foods that full of nutrients that will provide you energy through the whole day. You should add a mix of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins, for Suhoor it is vital or very important to drink plenty of water, good fats give have various fat-burning and muscle-building properties, and its value is even greater in the month of Ramadan. Here are some good and best suhoor foods are sharing with you for your Ramadan Diet plan.

All these are best for your Ramadan diet plan, it is important to have a solid multi- mineral supplement with suhoor, make sure that daily at least minimum requirements of key nutrients are met. The choice o right food always best for the health and due to balance diet your body saves from diseases and illnesses. You should be careful about your meal especially in the Suhoor. Try to avoid high sodium foods as, sauces, soups, gravies, condiments, high sodium bread products and also canned meats. In the morning eating fried foods and heavy oily items can reason heartburn and problems for you, so you should avoid those items if possible.

Sunset Meal- Iftar:

This is the key time for your body’s rehydration, we break our fats with the dates and water as per Sunnah, the wisdom in our religion Islam is never ending If we investigate this nutritionally we will come to know that dates are very unique in their nutrient content. Dates contains very high levels of potassium, that is a key rehydration mineral and a particular carbohydrate blend that boost hydration above and beyond water alone. You can add more food items in your Iftar with high quality protein containing substances. You can add in your Iftar fruits because fruits give you the full balance diet for your body. Make sure you drink water, healthy juices, and also yogurt this will check dehydration and give your body with essential fluids. Eat fruit salad because it is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. You also can have a bowl of soup it is best in Ramadan meal, it makes your stomach to get the rest of meal.

By adding some useful tips in your Ramadan Diet and fitness plan you surely make you Suhoor and Iftar in a best way, you just need to follow these points and add value..

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