EID SMS and EID Quotes Eid-ul-Fitr 2016

Eid is the event Muslims celebrate with great joys and happiness throughout worldwide. This festival is the source for all the Muslims to meet each other with open heart and forget all the mistakes and misbehaves of one another. To share your feelings with your dearest ones here is presenting for you EID SMS and EID Quotes that describes your true feelings and emotions to your loves ones.

EID SMS and EID Quotes 2016

Meaning of EID,

       E: Earnest
       I: Introspection to attain
      D: Divisiveness
      A: very warm EID Mubarak to you and your Family

EID is an event when we share,

       Our happiness and joy with our special ones,
       So, on this auspicious and happy event,
       It not possible that,
       I forget my very special ones,
       From my deepest heart accept my regards,
       Cognates to you and your family,
       I wish this EID will bring happiness and prosperity and unity for you and your family,
       And also for the Entire Muslims community,
       In all over the world,
       EID Mubarak

No pieces of Art,

       No great verses,
       I have just 2 Special words,
       Straight from my heart,
       EID Mubarak.

Wishing you a very “Happy EID Mubarak”

        With lots of love and best wishes,
        I wish this EID brings lot of joys and Happiness in your life,
        I pray you live long,
        And celebrate your EID with happiness,
        And EID day will comes in your life Hundred Times,
        Happy EID Mubarak,
        Remember me in your prayers

Today all the loving,

        And caring wishes for you,
        To bring much pleasures and happiness your way,
        EID Mubarak

May the day delight,

        And the special moments measure,
        All the special happiness and joys for all of you to treasure,
        I wish and pray
        May the year ahead,
        Be the fruitful too,
        For you and your family,
        Happy EID Mubarak.

May the blessings of Allah,

         Showers on you always
         And your life shines like a star,
         Happy EID.

 May Allah accept your fast,

        And continues to shower his blessings,
        On you throughout the year and throughout the life,
        Wish you a very Happy EID day.

 I wish,

        This EID may brings peace and smoothness in your life,
        May it give you the best time of your life,
        Happy EID Mubarak.

Wishing smiles on your face always,

       Wishing May this EID brings all the comforts,
       That you ever wished,
       Wishing all the joys and laughter,
       You wished ever,
       EID Mubarak

EID is the combination of three important meaningful words.

        E: Embrace with open heart
        I: Inspire with impressive approach
        D: Distribute pleasure to all
        Wishing Happy Eid Mubarak

Eid days are meant to celebrate,

        The achievements and the goals,
        That makes your life happiest,
        The ideals you believe in,
        And the dream you love the best.
        Wishing you EID Mubarak

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