EID Mubarak SMS 2016

On EID Day sending EID Mubarak SMS becomes very essential now days because this is the modern era that packed with latest technologies that help you to stay connected to your dearest one with your finger tips. EID Mubarak SMS reflect your feelings for the receiver person, through your EID Mubarak SMS you share your love and care. For your true feelings represents to your love ones here is some very special EID Mubarak SMS is going to share with you.

EID Mubarak SMS 2015 For Everybody 

Some special EID Mubarak SMS:

No shadows to depress you,
Only happiness to surround you,
Allah himself bless you,
These are my wishes by heart to you,
Today, Tomorrow and forever,
A very warm EID Mubarak.

EID is coming soon,

I want to wish you 1 st ,
Very happy EID Mubarak to you,
May this special day brings a lot of,
Happiness, prosperity and happiness for you,
EID Mubarak.

Your past has gone,

Your tomorrow is unknown,
But today is in your hand, Hold this moment,
And spend your beautiful EID day,
With your family and friends,
EID Mubarak

Accountant says,

E: Extreme Happy
I: In
D: Divide Expenses.

Lawyer says,

E: Event of
I: Increase
D: Dual Happy.

Businessman says,

E: Esteem Happy
I: In
D: Discount.

Lover says,

One more
Chance for

May the magic of this EID,

Brigs Happiness and joys in your life,
And may you celebrate this EID,
With all your close friends,
And may this EID fill your heart with love,
EID Mubarak.

May the Blessing of this month,

Illuminate your mind and heart,
And may all your prayers be answered,
Do remember me in your prayers,
EID Mubarak.

I wish for you Happy EID celebrations,

That wrapped with sincerity,
Tied with care,
Sealed with prayer,
To keep you and your family blessed,
Happy EID Mubarak.

Everyone sent you,

Some traditional words about EID,
But I am the 1 st one,
To send you unique word “Sweet Mubarak”,
So, keep eating on EID day,
Different sweet dishes, EID Mubarak.

EID Day brought,

Blessings of Allah,
In the form of,
Spiritual joys and happiness,
To you and your family,
EID Mubarak and always be happy.

May every instant of your “EID Day”,

Be happy warm and bright,
May all your dreams comes true,
May all your worries end forever,
May this EID will be the best for you,
EID Mubarak.

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