5 Tips to have Healthy EID-ul-Fitr 2016

Muslims celebrate Festival of EID after a month of fasting i.e Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan our body is slowly receiving used to a certain routine of getting meals at specific times during the day, but EID is the time when families come together to celebrate this occasion, with lot of different foods items with different sweet dishes are serves for the relatives and this is the tradition of Muslims. Here are 5 Tips to have Healthy EID-ul- Fitr, which suggests you how you can manage your body with these meals in the balance way.

5 Tips to have Healthy EID-ul-Fitr 2016 For Everybody

Tip#1: Avoid Healthy Meals:

You should avoid foods with a high content of fat sugar because it often cause digestive problems. These meals take longer time to digest and they remain in the stomach for long time period and causes gastric upsets, flatulence, indigestion and heartburn. You should start your day as a normal like lighter meals and try to choose healthy foods which can easily digestible for your stomach.

Tip#2: Eat Small, Frequent Meals:

Try to consume short and frequent meals it is best for your stomach to digest it and it is not only good for your stomach but it also stimulates metabolism. It is better for you that try to keep short gaps between your meals such as 3 to 4 hours rather than gaps like 6 to 7 hours.

Tip#3: Choose Healthy Cooking Method:

You should choose Healthy cooking Method instead of frying and spicy foods, you can backed, grilled or barbecued it. You can include such as chicken tikka, baked fish/chicken, roasted chicken with herbs, try to use the recipe include herbs. Avoid overcooking vegetables and fish because excessive heat will lead to loss its Vitamins and minerals.

Tip#4: Select Healthy Ingredients:

At this time non-vegetarian foods are most popular and likely to form the bulk of your diet. Try to choose leaner cuts and remove the visible fat accurately before cooking. When you making any sweet dish avoid high amounts of condensed milk and take cautions with your use of sugar. The best idea for sweet dish, add food that contain natural sugar like fruits and dry fruits.

Tip#5: Consume less Salt:

In any recipe do not use excessive salt, it can be substituted with and herbs spices such as, thyme, parsley, rosemary, pepper powder, coriander powder and lemon juice. These are rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, Healthy oils and a number of some also have anti-bacterial properties. This makes better options as compared to salt.

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