SSC Suggestion 2016 - English 1st paper & English 2nd paper

SSC exam suggestion 2016 English 1st and 2nd paper. Hello dear students  friends. Hope your study is so good. In this post i shared ssc suggestion 2016 english for both English first paper and English second paper. I hope this ssc 2016 exam English suggestion will help you lot and make your study more easy. SSC suggestion 2016 make your exam and study too easy. English is a West Germanic language that was 1st spoken in early medieval European country and is currently the foremost wide used language in the world. English is the first and primary language in the whole world. It's spoken as a primary language by the populations of many country. Together some country such as: UK, the us, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zeland and various of Caribbean nations. it's the third-most-common linguistic communication within the world, once Mandarin and Spanish. it's wide learned as a second language and is a politician language of the eu Union, several Commonwealth countries and also the UN, similarly as in several world organisations. Now collect your ssc suggestion 2015 Dhaka board with all others local board. Get SSC Result 2016

SSC Suggestion 2016 - English 1st paper & English 2nd paper

SSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: English 1st Paper

Passage: 1 (For Questions. 1-3)

  1. Newspaper is the people’s parliament. The newspaper plays a vital role in
  2. Man is a social being. He needs
  3. Facebook is a directory of photos and basic information os its users; their profile
  4. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the four skills which
  5. Character refers to nature, belief and activities of a person. There are
  6. The National Memorial at Savar is
  7. The importance of learning English cannot be denied and exaggerated. English which
  8. A responsibility is duty or obligation of a man. It is instructed to be done or forbidden. As the inhabitation of 
  9. Severe moral degradation is a crucial problem of mankind which is seriously
  10. Bangladesh is a small populous country. Our main problem, population explosion has 
  11. Greenhouse effect is an alarming phenomenon for pour environment. It occurs because of the production of carbon
  12. There are a good number of reasons why students in Bangladesh fail in English. That English is a foreign language
  13. The first thing is that teaching gives women a better opportunity to take care of both home and career. Very few people

Passage: 2 (For Questions. 4-5)

  1. Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the twentieth century and on of the (Dhaka Board 2015) 
  2. Hazrat Ali (R) was born on 20 September, 601 AD in Makkah. He was (Comilla Board 2015) 
  3. Humayun Ahmed was born in 13th November 1948. He was (Rongpur Board 2015) 
  4. Stephen Hawking is considered the greatest physicist after (Dinazpur Board 2015) 
  5. Albert Einstein was one of the greatest scientists (Chittagong Board 2015) 
  6. Mr. Khalilur Rahman, apleader was born in a poor family  (Borishal Board 2015) 
  7. The Nobel Prize is the world’s most prestigious and important prize. It has
  8. Amartya Kumar Sen is an Indian Philosopher and economist. He was
  9. Mother Teresa is a dedicated soul like sister Nibedita. Both of them were originally
  10. Munier Chowdhury was a Bangladesh educationist, playwright
  11. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was born in Bikrampur, Munshingonj
  12. Kazi Nazrul Islam is our national poet. He is also a musicial and
  13. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was born in 1772 in Devonshire. From there at six he

Paragraph Writing:

  1. A Street Hawker
  2. Tree Plantation
  3. Traffic Jam
  4. A School Magazine
  5. A Street Accident 
  6. Morning Walk
  7. Environment Pollution
  8. A Day Laborer
  9. A Railway Station 
  10. The Life of a Farmer
  11. Load Shedding 
  12. A Winter Morning

Completing Story:

  1. Unity is strength 
  2. Dress cannot make a man great
  3. A thirsty crow 
  4. The Lion and the Mouse
  5. The fox without a tail 
  6. Slow and steady wins the race
  7. A liar shepherd 
  8. Honesty of a rickshaw puller
  9. A foolish dog/crow 
  10. Robert Bruce and the Spider
  11. King Midas
  12. An honest wood cutter
  13. Two friends and a bear 
  14. The cruel housemistress
  15. The town of Hamelion 
  16. Two rats and a Monkey
  17. Grasp all, lose all

Describing Graphs and Charts:Based on: 

  1. Results of different exams
  2. Population growth
  3. Literacy and illiteracy rate
  4. Pastimes / Choice of profession
  5. Internet and Facebook users
  6. Rate of poverty and health care
  7. Students attendance & choice of group.

Informal Letter

  1. A letter / An email to your friend thanking for hospitality.
  2.  ………. to your friend thanking for birthday present.
  3. ………. to your friend about your aim in life.
  4. ………. to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant result.
  5.  ………. to your friend telling how to improve English.
  6.  ………. to your friend describing the importance of physical Exercise.
  7.  ………. to your friend telling about your preparation for the S.S.C. Exam.
  8.  ………. to your friend describing the Co-Curricular activities of your school.
  9.  ………. to your friend describing the benefits of reading Newspaper.
  10.  ………. to your friend to attend the Birthday party / marriage ceremony.
  11.  ………. to your friend describing a picnic / farewell party.
  12.  ………. to your friend describing a road accident.
  13.  ………. to your friend describing the annual sports day of your school.
  14.  ………. to your friend expressing your condolence at his father’s death.
  15.  ………. to your friend advising him to give up smoking.
  16.  ………. to your friend telling him about the importance of learning English.
  17.  ………. to your friend about what you intend to do after SSC Exam.

Dialogue Writing:

  1. Eradication of illiteracy
  2. Preparation for the SSC Exam
  3. Doctor and patient
  4. Importance of learning English
  5. About Load Shedding 
  6. Necessity of reading newspaper
  7. About Mobile Phone 
  8. Necessity of tree Plantation
  9. About admission 
  10. Planning after the SSC Exam
  11. Benefits of early rising
  12. A customer and a salesman
  13. Opening a bank account 
  14. Necessity of computer learning
  15. Necessity of morning walk
  16. About bad effect of copying

SSC exam 2016 Suggestions: English 2nd Paper

CV with a cover letter:

  1. An English Teacher
  2. Sales Officer
  3. An office executive
  4. A medical representative
  5. A librarian
  6. A computer operator

Application for:

  1. permission to go on a study tour.
  2. setting up a computer club / debating club/ English language club. 
  3.  repairing of a bridge / sinking arsenic free tube-well/ relief goods & medical aids. 
  4. seat in the school hostel.
  5. seeking admission/readmission. 
  6. increasing common room facilities. 
  7. testimonial.
  8. morning school.
  9. seeking permission to stage a drama/ changing elective subject. 
  10. setting up a canteen. 

Paragraph Writing:

  1. Early Rising.
  2. Your National Flag. 
  3. Mobile phone
  4. A Rainy Day. 
  5. A Tea Stall 
  6. A Moonlit Night 
  7. A Rickshaw Puller 
  8. Your Favorite Teacher

Short Composition:

  1. Wonders of Modern Science.
  2. Your Favorite Hobby.
  3. Your Childhood Memories.
  4. The Season You Like Most.
  5. Duties of a Student. 
  6. Importance of using Computer.
  7. Importance of Tree Plantation.
  8. Your Future Plan of Life.
  9. Physical Exercise. 
  10. A Journey You Have Made Recently
  11. A Village Fair 
  12. Population Problem of Bangladesh. 
  13. A Village Market
  14. Your Daily Life 
  15. The Game You Like Most
  16. Importance of Reading Newspaper
Suggestions by: Billal Hossain Kalotan (Assistant Teacher (English), Al-Amin Academy School & College, Chandpur.)

Dear students friends, hope this ssc exam suggestion 2016 for English 1st paper and 2nd paper will help your for your exam study. Hard study can make your results good. So friends do hard study and make a good results. If you found any problems then inform me on comment. Thanks and All the best. 

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